Also known as a web designer.  Although more things than simply designing web sites.  Web master also maintains an existing website just like any other web developer or designer for this matter. 

Some, web masters generally are responsible for updating links , updating the site then you content fixing errors answering email enquiries, and keeping the web server up and running .

webmasters typically have backgrounds networking web designer programming . 

That’s being a programmer,  I am responsible for coding html of those creating script for the website the programmer may have experience with cgi scripting javascript bbs script sql perl xml dynamic html . 
dynamic web sites will need it programmer was proficient in 1 of the programming languages involve your programmer in early meeting suporting definition of vie site.

There assets to organize and source out in different folders.  Also, a decision making , suggestion and recommendation even maintainance and foundation building must take place o before the design proceed.  

we need to do the programming and everything organizations which is the good shepherd in us.  This is the best part of learning.  Thus applying what we learn.  Processing with respective programming languages chosen and funneled down for a smooth data flow and web development.

Luckily,  I  first learned to do programming for my get first Bachelors Degree which is Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Computer Applications. 

Sounds really complicated bit this flowchart is continous process of Logic, Math, Calculus and ASP , 

Nothing absolutely fancy in here… It really takes a lot of patience, perseverance and definitely a healthy Left side of the brain..

So wow.  I think I am ready to finish what I started.  I have made a 360.  I only end up where I began. 

From making a round in my brain.  From left brain to the back brain ; motors, sensory, and then right side which is highly endowed creative, financial and emotional part of my brain have sure been maximizes proficiency in the last 6 years and finsihing up a degree & facing difficult battles. 

Here I come again, to face back a new life centered in Ergonomics & all those ending in M.I.C.S.

Quite frankly, I am more than thrilled than ever.

took a shot of the outside.  It’s raining in Las Vegas!

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