Cardinal Rules

Excerpt: Amway Global (Lexi & Trevor Baker)

Sales is so powerful it can break or make a relationship.

Blogger: Anna K Goodhouse


What has Sales done in your relationship? Have you succeeded making a sale out of your desperation, brokeness, hunger, thirst, sickness, solitude, boredom or depression. Making a sale is A Sale made and you know it when it is a sale.

Who abide by the rules? Leaders, people in rank & authority follow rules & that’s what make them leaders. Also, the correctional facilities people, military men & women, employees & law abiding citizens. It is the least we can do as DreamBuilders of the society. I know that there is a psychology and politics to SALES & MARKETING jobs. Most of The time it takes our whole self even our entire lives to make a single sale. Sometimes, we can’t even stop being fired up & surprise ourselves by making a sale.

Truth of the matter is. People are out there looking for something to buy, to find & discover. If they like you, you have what they are looking for they will find you & buy from you. Selling something takes you higher that means you are following the rules, have integrity and enough courage to go out there and put out your Sale! that’s what makes us more interesting , strategically balanced individuals – making things happen in our lives because we adhere with rules and we make business with people, thus creating a market.

It can be a market of leaders. A market of followers whom are born leaders, understanding of surrendering to defend, secure & be aggressive. They are modestly put as entrepreneurs or sales representative is always finding the next person whom can duplicate himself either be as plugged in as him or simply be a customer.

I give the highest respect to people who does sales. They are the best job! They are motivating, driven, passionate & committed people whom are building dreams and making people not give up on their dreams. If you are serious about your idea, you saw the vision, Let’s make this happen!

Start planting seeds, building your team and being free, rich & debt free at retirement years. not to mention reaching your maximum potential and legitimately making that income, getting bonuses and travel to St. Peter Island to reward yourself, family & spouse for your eternal exuberance.

Globalization makes this happen for you. Let’s not only be entrepreneurs but also motivating leaders whom are creating volume, consuming energy and being clean, green, environment friendly. Let’s be happy, healthy & beautiful people. Let’s keep our loyalty & start paying the price of our dreams.

The reward to the process is commitment. The prize to goal is success!

But always remember the Cardinal Rules & you’ll get there inevitable as long as you don’t give up, come back & get motivated!

Keeping goals & Dreams in mind! The only secret to success is to not give up, stick up to it & never stop believing. Right now, my mind is on making iOS Applications.

. I am blathered by it high- definition array – now as a registered Apple Developer and Certified IT Tech , let me go ahead & male some codes, type some templates up & develop a patriotic template that Can male that BaD Boy Shooter plead guilty infront of The judge!

Your honorem, it is My honor. Thank you … For a privi to be able to be free, richly blessed with quality resources & be able to do what we love while doing something helpful to society.




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