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Encrypted Genious


After a rough cruise in the hood of Information Technology. From the world wide web, hyper terminal text protocols, voice over internet providers and humongous rain clouds of apps and audio tandems. I still believe in is keeping up with WORD PRESSING. In lay man’s term, ENCRYPTING. More than anything, less is more, simple is the ultimate sophistacates.

I needed to confirm that and at the very least blog about it so it gets embedded forever. And it is LAW. Lawlessness is only a mild becoming of ignorance and non-percievance if the truth.

Rather than learning to cure, let’s start preventing. So we can save more, be more, consume more and live life more. Life aint a piece of cake. It’s an impressionistic painting that we make a masterpiece of and becoming like God. After all we are all born for greatness.

So keeping it simple aint 3D or none of theories. Life is short to make mistakes and be foolish. Taking a ton of RESPECT and a pocket full of PROSE.


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