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Broken Records is proud to announce the 1st installment of Jesse Saunders DJ DIVAS compilation series.

The Originator is back again, this time to take you on a musical journey featuring female DJs from around the world. From funky House to Deep Rasta grooves, and from Techy beats to Electro House, there’s something for eveyone and the sensuality that only a woman can bring shines through!

“Nice tunes, fantastic vocal and grooving. All support on radio and live sexy sessions.” Miguel Garji, ibizaglobalradio.com

“This rocks, full of silver bullets for the dance floor — great work!” Jonny Montana & Craig Stewart

“Love all mixes, already in programming of House Nation Radio.” Didier Vanelli, HouseNationRadio.com

“We’d like to preview this release on our site.” Darren Ressler, Editor – BigShotMag.com

“Real house music!” Richie, UntitledMusic.org

“Nice compilation!” Tommy Largo

“Great album, featuring ‘Sexy Ways’ on this weekend’s networked show.” Jules Little, GlobalDanceFloor.com

“These two tracks rocks! ‘Go Tell It On The Mountain’ by DJ Robyn is really kickin’!! ‘Sexy Ways’ by DJ Alexia feat. Jazsmin Lewis is also very nice.” Norbert Borchers, House Sound of Hamburg

“Nice work on compiling this comp Jesse, impressive set of tracks on this, will support on the show, over the coming weeks.” Alan O’Malley, Ireland

“Great idea getting all those females together for this bash (been tryin’ for years myself without success hee hee). Favs for me “Crush”, “Cant Get Enough”, “Rastafari”, “The Strangest Feeling”, and the outstanding “Go Tell It On The Mountain” is the killer cut! Frank Ainsworth, PressureRadio.com

“Jesse, you’ve done it again my friend. The beats on this compilation are simply exceptional. From the flat-out SICK mix on “Going Back To Cali” to the sweet vibe of “Go Tell It On The Mountain”, I’m hooked through and through. This is a great selection of just truly solid music and I’m pleased to support it here in Washington, DC. See you on the circuit, buddy. You’ll definitely be hearing some of these when I’m in the booth!” DJ FugAmI, ScandalDC.com

“I cant wait to hear remixes of rastafari, gr8 job melanie. Overall I think this compilation is to have!” Francina AKA Groove Soul, South Africa “Another banging compilation! Some really cool grooves in here.” Shane D, South Africa

“Great compilation. This release is solid from beginning to end. One of the standouts is the “Going Back To Cali” Mix. Great song and still works…now a mix that will allow for some great seamless mixing. This release is a real treat.” Steve Cunningham, NextMusicGroup.com

BEST MUSIC ! GREAT !!!! Max Rosardo, Italy

“My favorite track is “Crush”! Excellent track…Sexy house at its best.” Craig Goodman Universal Music Canada (Montreal, Canada)

“This is a very tasty collection of tunes. The package covers just about the full spectrum of that thing we call house.” Dean Serafini (JJazproJect Magazine)

“Hot variety of songs with great vocals & tracks. I’m hearing a bunch of hits.” Ronnie Mathews, StarfleetMusic.com

“Favorite Song “Crush” – DJ Alexia – Funky! Awww yeah!” Michael McEachern (Saint John, Canada) DJ 506 /NewPowerRadio

“Some nice deep house tracks! My favorite is House of Divas!” Mike King (Traverse City, USA), WNMC, Sidetraxx

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