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Perfect Peace for 10 Minutes


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Very inspired indeed. I am finally clearing the mirage beyond the amazing vision I have imagined and known the first moment I was acquainted. Like a fired up canon ball I blast out from a complete change. Remember how it feels when you are touched by the spirit. Thats exactly how it feels. An overwhelming feeling of joy and peace. Right now, it does not exactly feel that way.

As I grow and discover knowledge, information, experience, new feelings & understanding; I learn that my character is what change in the process. Through hardships, battles, tests and most importantly people: I succumb to a stronger foundation of myself. Before reading a book is but a vocabulary test or a task I have to complete for the sake of doing logical things.

Since I observed people , such as family, friends and media. We all behave on a certain way. It does not matter what I want because I know that approaching to character is the ethical, just or truthful for me to do.

I was a naive young lady growing up with a diverse to indiversed perimeters everyday. I was likely adaptive to change and smart enough to make my elders proud of me. I loved books, art, music, computers, science and sports. I also loved to party and I had many different groups of friends but I was not as intimately close to anybody.

I’ve always kept everything professional and innocent. I really did not understand the concept of entertaining my bodily sensations in a natural way. It seemed that time, age and setting always had a lot to do with my actions.

So, What?

I don’t know how everybody each I person feel or think. I did not mind or think about those. It’s not that I did not care about my reputation , it is that since then my understanding of the way I became was more focused on a routinely basis , being young and free.

I had a unbiased focus in character, being interested on something and get full-focus on it till its done. In the process, I am who I am now.

Not to be conceited, I agree to myself that I came out pretty well. I may not be the perfect daughter, sister, friend, girlfriend, niece, collegue, classmate or wife. But I am confident of who I am, even if I didnt share my ideas much, even if I made too many mistakes, felt down & regretful or felt that we could’ve had it all. It’s over, it’s past i can’t change it.

So I press on. Reach up, forward with the goal in mind and commitment tothe process in my heart. One thing I have noticed is constant was I get gold medals , most joy and blessings were when I didn’t plan anything. I did not create an ideal and take so much effort getting there. Well, there we some premonitions where I got it correctly. But mostly, it’s best when we least expect it. When nobody adviced me when I didn’t ask for it & when I simply followed my heart coherently in relation to the pull of gravity , push of friends an fetch of family. I looked back and saw the path I have paved. I surprisingly astonish myself, I think I did pretty good with the balancing act.

Of course I don’t take credit for any of this. Thank God for everybody and everything that he blesses us with. Friend or foe, accountable or flake, solid, liquid & gas. I appreciate the giver, the father, mother and everyone who mindfully intend to leave amazing success stories, legacies, invention, revolutions, difference, organization, documentary, communities or institution. It sure was rock solid, awesome.

However, the reason that I’m writing right now is to extend the realization of learning is proven by our application in real life, real world or the business-political-sinful-societal moral decay. The true test of character is not ran on the freeways where it’s safest to drive. It is not inside the comforts of life but in the deepest lairs and in lost points of origin.

The true test of character exercises our skills, free-will and resistance. Reacting beneath the surface of words and morality but aesthetically going in depth. And knowing that yes, love. This is what love is. Pain, sacrifice, integrity, courage, respect, responsibility & caring. Learning how to love yourself by loving others and giving to others as well.

They used to be words but now they have more meaning since they have earned some history in relation to my own life. A story that I told. An expedition that I journeyed. A song that I sang. When it comes from the heart , I can’t go wrong.

Thus, everything previously read, wrote, heard, saw and touched made more meaning & as I looked back I say to myself, “…”. Nothing , but feeling a moment of peace.

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