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Enterprise Applications: Spotlight On Sprint


written 4 years ago


US 3G service providers have invested billions in upgrading their networks to support higher-bandwidth, lower-latency mobile services like EVDO/Rev A or UMTS/HSPA. As a result, enterprises are using these services with growing frequency — about twice as many now use a service like EVDO Rev A compared with an early-generation mobile data service like 1XRTT. In the case of Sprint, while its investment in 3G includes network infrastructure, it also extends to a great deal more — such as working with a variety of device and laptop/notebook manufacturers, software developers, and systems integrators. This is a work in progress, so clients should expect 3G providers to improve and extend coverage, roaming agreements, and SLAs in 2008 and 2009. Depending on the requirements of a particular application or client, 3G providers should demonstrate their ability to bring the appropriate resources to the table — this extends beyond deep internal expertise and often includes key vendors and systems integrators.

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