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Eventhough I know that LOVE is the Answer to our problems, to our questions, let it change your life… AS I am putting this insanity of Apps & Internet ways of computing , according to Cedric Cervais as I finish up my Linear Editting Media Round-Tripping Life.

I did it all right. Encrypted , pressed and GEOtagging? I can’t take anymore redundancy and limitless acquiring of data that don’t make much sense is all but a distraction.. What the hey. IP addresses are VoIPing us out. I just can’t integrate with the other side , so I’m staying in. I’m staying here on linear editing. Sad to say even APPLICATION way of computing has deeply seeded itself to its dependence to it’s network.

It’s time to GO OFFLINE>

Be back MONDAY at 9AM for a sure first thing in the morning phone call with my hosts & servers whom have all gone confused … I’m glad my HD still knows that I’m it’s owner.

Au Revoir

No Border, Tr Border… Bordeux…

One last thing, I have found the most amazing and highly extravagant yet super stable plugs. When I saw it, togehter with the box of adapters that usually comes with your phone or sound card… I knew I wanted to go to this country that has these kind of plugs – On my first search, WIKI said it was vaguely the Brits. Basically United Kingdom uses these. And asI seek deeper into the mix of trivial history. I found that Austrialia were the ones whom originally came up with these amazing designs.

What’s the big deal? They sure are easier to make than rounded sockets. Yea, just like Unleaded Gas is easier to make than Diesel gas that’s why Diesel is more expensive. This is an analogy, to the non-asian people reading this. Sound-tracking it may seem to the whole topic about plugs – this is how simply we express and exclaim deeper understanding about our insights. Better yet, I.E. or Example.

Going back to the plugs. Yes, When I saw these plugs or sockets I knew it was a calling for me to go to that country. At first , I wished it was in the Scandinavian or Singapore. I would not have ever thought the Brits are the ones so harmonically syncing to my taste to decide to use these socket formats as a national format.

Tolle Lege Tolle Lege

READ on as a latin whispers in my ear.

I have also found out that besider from Aussies originating these sockets. ( Consider the odds- no wonder why even thier accents are mistakably interchangable! )

New Zealand, guess what where WHAtangi is, wherelese, use the same ones . Guess what Im really determined to go there in this lifetime before I even found out that they use those plugs.

In addition , Argentina. Never thought much about Southern America since Panama threw me off from my realization of ignorance of the Panamanian Spanish language. Thank God to some kind people spreading out to communicate …

I’m taking these sockets seriously. Something so little can really mean something , even our life. Once again this can either be an analogy or figurative way of speaking – Hyperbole. Apparently , we dwelled so much in figures of speech and missed many good parts of the satiric language – which I say, an extreme and slightly rude of desperation to communicate.

Personally, I dont even think it is an educated way to communicate. To communicate satiricaly is the most witty way to go, but out witting people even our superiors or elders does not go anywhere but down. Because communication is not intended to prove who is right or wrong. Which idea makes more sense. The truth of communication is to relate and realize our commonality with one another. Finding ourselves and refuge with each other – thus we realize that “No Man Is An Island” , We all need eachother. Even Dom Perignon, who is a monk, departed for very long to worship , left a STRONG mark in the history of Champagne, France and all over the world. By creating the most popular, highly elite and celebrated Champagne made ever. He was only able to make this when he went back to civilization – with the people. GREAT ! You & I need one another to achieve our maximum results.

So next time someone tells you , LEAVE ME ALONE, Let them. But remember they will come back to you when it’s time for them to be with you again.

There is time for everything.


When that time comes, make sure youre there to witness the natural way of perfection taking its place. With no or least amounts of effort.

So till here for now.
Plugs, Males, Sockets, Females , Data, Power, Light… We will all transmit the knowledge and power we are best to create. When that moment comes. It will be bomb.



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  1. 2011/06/19 at 20:03

    Incase you are still in QUESTION, check this SITE, & have a glimpse of an amazing blogger who wrote some history about sockets. Gotta love them Aussies, Britz, Zealanders & Chinese (Inverted)

    The origins of the Australian Plug and other Electrical Trivia.

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