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A day in the life, this is how it goes.

Sure, a picture can paint a thousand words. I agree, so here’s a fan of my daily email constituents. Welcome to the life AK Goodhouse. Not too Shabby,

Sometimes, I ask myself why do people want so much data. Like its going to seriously give then power. Since knowledge begets from data and knowledge is power. Till now , it’s all up to us how are we going to organize, store and let these data benefit us to be able to create data as well to forward to the next person/generation/grandchild ready to catch your processed information.

We all end up becoming and wanting more! More is definitely more , thus less which may be a sum of quality measure process of elimination. Quantity begets quality. We just really need to know how to organize, process & promote our data for this is the LEGACY we live to the the human kind.

Remember , your life is an amazing paradox of gaining knowledge, quest for knowledge, discovery, a present to be enjoyed and give joy. So live like you should, be the hero that you came up for.

DON’t hate the players , hate the game. THE GAME of LIFE is the best GAME we can ever have in this life. So better play your best.

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