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Web Developer – McLean, VA – Clearspring

Web Developer – McLean, VA – Clearspring.

Begin forwarded message:nullObjectiveResume2011

…Quiet and calm night here in Las Vegas Tuesday 10PM as I get this first awesome email I am replying to tonight. Thank you for awesome emails, they sure are cheerful and brings hope to my solitary and lonesome life. Although, I really choose to live like this like no other because it gives me a chance to do what I love with full focus & full throttle.

I am interested in the job position posted. Here is my resume & cover letter. Thank you in advance for your time in browsing through my information. I am a very persisistent person and I understand that the key to success is to not give up! That’s why us, developers, designers, analysts and researchers work very hard in examining all aspects and programs in our department & go in depth as much as possible until a new one comes up again. The fun never ends, although I believe much more in the values of organization, resourcefulness and hardwork that can get me accomplishing my goals.

I am looking into getting into full-time work as soon as possible. I finished a degree in Graphic Technology this Spring and I am bound to graduate and formally celebrate a new accomplishment in August for the graduation ceremony. This is only the beginning of excitement. Because right now, I am looking for jobs all over the country and I am not afraid to move mountains and reach the highest peaks I can twist and stretch to reach. I am committed to process and my eye is focused on the prize.

Although, my resume may not be as impressive as much more people applying for the same position. I am confident that what matters more is if our hearts are ready to give it all, reach-out and take it all in. For the sake of my love of the game, my endless thriving for passion and undeniable calling to create, build and make. I am here right now, writing to you, with full intent to talk to you soon & open up the windows or doors to more data, ,more information, more knowledge & more power! This is what I live for.

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