⚛ Genius Bar

Genius bar

The joy of having an uncompromising power to gain knowledge is indeed what makes my life so worthwhile. Thank you, Apple for making our lives so much simple. To us designers/developers , truly very busy & organized. There’s nothing to hate & everything to love. Taking my Revelation HD to it’s very first visit to ⚛Genius Bar, Town Square- where they got the best staff in Las Vegas, without a doubt.

Apple Store, Town Square

Geniuses It’s time to re-install OS. This time, I’m letting them do them geniuses do the work. I’m confident that corporations have better chances in doing better than a sole-individual like me. Although, the ends doesn’t justify the means, but for the sake of funneling down focus on my specific tasks in the studio doing linear editing. I will let them apply their laws like pros. It works better all the time- 2,3,4,5&6 heads are better than one. Nevertheless, as a rising business venturer like me, I give high-value to the power of a single person. Gotta love my own!

Furthermore, truth of the matter is-“To each is own, we co-exist to compliment and balance the wig of the wam.” Also, at the end of the day we inevitably all level out & protrude in our commonalities as humans whom all eat & wipe ⚖

Have a glorious windy & sunny day today!


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