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On the move to finish projects

Dear God help me. These are the first four words I ‘d start my content with. Recently, my life has been in a very challenging state. Many obstacles have been coming my way. Like the saying goes, when it rains it pours.

Although I love the rain especially when it makes the air smell so good. It makes me want to stay in bed and cozy up all day listening to music with the texture of rain and sweet smelling freshness.

I can consider how my life is going , it is like that. A lot are being swept of by the pouring rain in my life. And washing away alternately incoherent to the success of my upcoming life.

Many draw backs, trials and tribulations which naturally flow in life as I would say “The Art of Living” is basically moving on and letting go. Moreover, answering calls, changing strategies, discovering more and thriving for passion. And reporting to God alone whom I please, I desire to offer all that I do here in this earth. I love it.

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